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Accounts Receivable Outsourcing/White Label Services

No time to follow up on accounts receivables? Don’t want to risk important client relationships?

Whether you want to outsource your entire accounts receivable division or just the problem accounts, Collection Systems Canada Corp. (CSC) can work with you to develop a tailored program that perfectly suits your needs. We can be completely transparent – right down to using your company name when clients call.

Why outsource, you might ask. Valid question. There are some compelling reasons:

  • Reduced Cost – The single most important reason for outsourcing. Salary, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan contributions, not to mention training and office space, add up quickly. Outsourcing with CSC means cost savings.
  • Reduce & maintain average collection delays – We work with your clients to reduce delays in payment and maintain an acceptable payment schedule on an ongoing basis.
  • More money – To do the things that you want to do with your business, you need to have cash on hand. With CSC in control of accounts receivable, you will get money owing to you more quickly, freeing up important operating capital.
  • Do what you do best – Outsource accounts receivable, concentrate on your core competencies…and flourish!
  • One step to collection – If CSC is already handling your accounts receivable files, it is a simple step to place select accounts in collection when necessary. We can notify you in each instance or make it automatic, once we reach an aging threshold set by you.

You win:

  • recover more money faster;
  • deal with true professionals and recovery experts;
  • know that your customers are being treated with respect.

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