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At Collection Systems Canada Corp. (CSC), we tailor our debt collection programs to the industry, our client profiles and to the situation. We realize that one approach does not fit all occasions. This is one of the reasons explaining the enviable success of our debt collection programs.

Other reasons for our success:
  • Where others would use threats, CSC uses superior knowledge and common sense. Delinquent accounts are still Clients, and you can rest assured that your reputation is safe with us. We’ve found that with knowledge and respect, we can discover why people won’t pay, and achieve greater success in collecting.
  • CSC gathers personal information from public and proprietary databases. We classify debtors by their ability to pay, which gives us the insight we need to bring more accounts to successful resolution.
  • Everyone working at CSC is upbeat and ambitious, career-minded and highly knowledgeable of the debt collection industry.
  • CSC also operates an almost paperless office, relying instead on state-of-the-art collection software, document imaging and our own best practices processes.
  • CSC uses a unique Collection Through Litigation technique with the assistance of S&A Collection Law Firm.

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