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National coverage and expertise

  • Collection Systems Canada Corp. (CSC) is a national collection agency with operations in all Canadian provinces and territories. With operations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montréal as well as in Eastern Canada, we are well positioned to serve the needs of Canada's business community. With CSC, you win!
  • CSC uses the finest collection techniques existing in the industry. For us learning, accomplishment and excellence is a way of life. That’s how we do business. With CSC, you win!
  • CSC measures, categorizes and scores all accounts. If we can measure it, we can manage it. And if we can manage it, you get more money faster. With CSC, you win!

Collection through litigation

  • CSC even offers full litigation services through its very own S&A Collection Law Firm.
  • With CSC & S&A, you can litigate your legal action in Ontario, Québec as well as throughout the rest of Canada. S&A litigation services are also available in both official languages, in all provinces.
  • Our lawyers and recovery experts offer fast and expert legal services at unbeatable prices. With CSC you pay for expert services, you don't pay for expensive painting on the wall.
  • CSC offers what we call “Collection Through Litigation”, an unparalleled and unique service combining both the expertise and pressure of litigation with the strategic techniques and tools used for regular collection. Our “Collection Through Litigation” technique is unique. It is cheaper than regular litigation, yet it is more effective than regular collection. We offer you the best of both worlds!
  • Our lawyers and recovery experts are recognized nationally and internationally.



You win:

  • recover more money faster using the litigation process
  • avoid the heavy costs associated with litigation
  • benefit from the knowledge and expertise of collection and recovery lawyers


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With operations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montréal, we are well positioned to serve the needs of Canada's business community.