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Online Payment Instructions

Each banking website is different, however if you follow the sample instructions below, you will be able to navigate your way through the process.

  1. Sign on to your bank’s website. A list of banking website links can be found below.
  2. After signing on, you should be presented with an option to make BILL PAYMENTS. Select the tab or link for BILL PAYMENTS.
  3. To set up the website to make payments to Collection Systems Canada Corp., choose the link that says ADD A PAYEE / BILL.
From here, our suggestion is to SEARCH for Collection Systems Canada Corp. by typing in the word “Collection” or “Collection Systems” and selecting SEARCH. Usually an alphabetical list comes up or a drop-down window is presented. From here, select “Collection Systems Canada”.
  4. IMPORTANT: Type in the claim number that is printed on your statement or demand letter from Collection Systems Canada Corp. If you can’t find your claim number you MUST contact us at 1-866-393-9105. Do not make a payment without this number.
  5. Select ADD PAYEE or SAVE.
  6. Some banks have included an additional level of protection by requiring you to input an ACCESS CODE in order to complete the transaction. If you don’t have an ACCESS CODE, registering for one is easy – simply follow the instructions on the screen by your bank.
  7. Usually, the final step includes the option to PAY THIS BILL NOW or MAKE PAYMENT NOW. All you have to do is input an amount, the date you want the payment to be made, and from which account (chequing, savings, line of credit, other)

It is always recommended that your print or record the confirmation number that the website provides you.
  8. Call us immediately at 1.866.393.9105 to advise of your payment.
Bank of Montreal www.bmo.com
CIBC www.cibc.com
Royal Bank www.royalbank.com
TD Canada Trust www.tdcanadatrust.com
Scotia Bank www.scotiabank.com
National Bank of Canada www.nbc.ca
HSBC www.hsbc.ca
Laurentian Bank www.laurentianbank.ca
DesJardins www.desjardins.com
Van City www.vancity.com
Meridian Credit Union www.meridiancu.ca
Duca Credit Union www.duca-ibank.com
ATB Financial (Alberta Treasury Branch) www.atbfinancialonline.com

* For banks/credit unions not listed above, check with your financial institution directly for availability.

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