Our Approach, Our People

Our Approach, Our People

Collection Systems Canada Corp. (CSC) takes a respectful approach to collections. Where others would use threats, we use superior knowledge and common sense. And that’s not just because we are dealing with your clients. It’s because we get it. We know that most people who owe money have good reasons for not paying, and so when we can discover what those reasons are, we can offer creative solutions and get them to pay faster. Our collection officers are experts in the art of motivating payments and amicable resolution.

The people at CSC reflect our philosophy of respect and excellence. We hire the best and the brightest, thoughtful and career-minded people. If this sounds like you, consider a Career with CSC.

CSC is built on the following underpinnings:

  • integrity;
  • ambition, accomplishment and excellence;
  • innovativeness and efficiency;
  • learning and competency;
  • dependability and flexibility;
  • teamwork and dedication.

Our persuasiveness, persistence and professionalism also provide you with the following tangible benefits:

  • Our collection agency's debt collection record is among the highest in the industry.
  • Our industry-low contingency rates start at 15% - no collection, no fee.
  • Our talented Collections Officers and lawyers are capable of collecting and litigating your delinquent accounts both here in Canada and internationally.
  • Our collection agency's competitive rates make collecting your accounts receivable a very cost-effective investment. We work on a contingency basis: no collection, no fee.
  • Our commitment to client services is second to none. We keep you promptly informed of all developments with your accounts. Our personal interaction with you improves our results.
  • Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art collection management softwares allow us to seamlessly manage your delinquent accounts receivable and collect from your debtors using the latest in software technology.
  • Our collection officers/lawyers and worldwide network of debt collection experts are highly motivated by our contingency fee structure to reclaim the maximum possible amount due you.
  • We are a full-service collection agency. Unlike traditional collection agencies, we offer a full range of services for both commercial and consumer accounts here in Canada and internationally. We also offer full litigation services through our very own S&A Collection Law Firm.
  • Many collection agencies are limited in their scope, geographical coverage and expertise. Our experience and reach allow us to understand and resolve even the most complex debt collection issues. We differentiate ourselves from other collection agencies by offering a personal and passionate approach to debt recovery on each claim we handle.

You win:

  • recover more money faster;
  • deal with true professionals and recovery experts;
  • know that your customers are being treated with respect.

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With operations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montréal, we are well positioned to serve the needs of Canada's business community.