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Our Competitive Rates

Collection Systems Canada Corp. (CSC) rates are competitive. We charge between 15 percent and 50 percent, depending on several factors:

  • number of accounts;
  • age of accounts;
  • dollar value;
  • location (domestic/international);
  • account has judgment;
  • account is listed with another agency/law firm;
  • debtor’s address is unknown;

Debt Collection Contingency Rates

  • 15% Business/Commercial accounts less than 60 days from date of oldest invoice.
  • 20% Business/Commercial accounts less than 120 days from date of oldest invoice.
  • 25% Business/Commercial accounts less than 365 days from date of oldest invoice.
  • 30% Business/Commercial accounts exceeding 366 days from date of oldest invoice.
  • 25% Individual/Consumer accounts, returned checks and all accounts under $1,000.00.
  • 30% (generally) Accounts forwarded to our lawyers for collection/litigation are collected on a contingency basis and our rate varies depending of the amount claimed as well as the level of risks involved. However, should litigation/execution be required, there may be additional charges. These charges (i.e. court costs, general retainer fees or any other fees or disbursements) would be in addition to the contingency rate and would be required in advance. Of course, they would not be incurred without your prior authorization.


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With operations in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montréal, we are well positioned to serve the needs of Canada's business community.