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Terms and Conditions

We think that it’s important to be upfront about the details. That way, there are no surprises. The following terms and conditions cover most situations that Collection Systems Canada Corp. (CSC) has encountered:
  •  Payments received on accounts withdrawn after placement are commissionable at the regular rate, in part or in full, for a period of 5 days after the date of withdrawal;
  • no legal action will be commenced without the Client’s written instruction;
  • the Client agrees to report immediately to CSC all payments received directly and agrees that CSC is entitled to receive full commission on the said payments;
  • items returned and accepted by the Client is considered a payment and will be charged the full commission;
  • the Client agrees to pay any debit balance with CSC within 30 days;
  • the Client agrees that CSC has the power of attorney to endorse forms of payment including all cheques, money orders and bank drafts received and made payable to the Client.;
  • the Clients agrees not to withdraw accounts on which a promise of payment is made unless full commission is paid to CSC on the outstanding balance;
  • accounts may be withdrawn within 48 hours for any reason
  • accounts withdrawn after 48 hours and within 60 days (after they have been setup in our system and collection activities have commenced) are subject to an early cancellation fee equal to 15% of the commission
  • the Client agrees to pay a 2.5% fee on any credit card payments processed by CSC;
  • CSC may return accounts at any time without warnings or penalty;
  • The Client authorizes CSC to engage Sauvageau & Associates Law Firm for collection or the commencement of legal proceedings. However, no additional costs or fees of any kind or disbursements will be charged to the Client without the express written approval of the Client.

Claims Not Accepted for Collection

CSC will refuse the following accounts for collections:

  1. claims under CAN$200.00 (unless high volume of accounts);
  2. claims with no supporting documentation;
  3. claims against businesses that are out of business;
  4. claims against bankrupt.


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